These are but a few reasons why we love Covington/Tipton County, and why we think you’ll love it too…

  • Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • A Great Place for Families
  • Gain an Excellent Education
  • Outstanding Healthcare
  • High Quality City Services
  • A Rich History
  • Stable Business Setting
  • Strong Industrial Growth
  • Memphis is 45 minutes away

The economy of Tipton County is quite diversified. Our economic base includes agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale businesses, and personal and industrial services.

Tipton County enjoys a moderate climate. Winters are mild, springs are pleasant, summers are long and autumns are beautiful. The average rainfall is 51.16 and the average snowfall is 7.2 inches. The frost-free period normally occurs from March 20 to November 12(Two-Hundred Thirty-Six Days). The annual average temperature is 59.7 degrees, with the monthly average high temperature of January being 46.0 degrees and for July being 91.2 degrees. The monthly average low temperature for these two months is 27.4 degrees in January and 69.1 degrees in July.